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While there is plenty of goal-oriented and advertise-driven at projects and publications out in the world today, we have found out that seeking bypass the mass-producing and traditional publishing channels can direct in new creative directions and towards new artistic opportunities. Staying independent has allowed us artistic freedom on all levels, including content, design, distribution, publishing and editorial say. It has been a part of the creative philosophy and concept behind Creative Future since the beginning and is still one of the most essential ethics behind everything we do today. To get a better understanding of the ideas, vision and thoughts behind The Creative Future Project, please read the official project statement below. Moreover you’ll also find contact information, official stockists and selected press appearances below.

Striving to push new boundaries within the multidisciplinary parameters and practices of art and design, Creative Future is an ongoing art project and independent publication seeking to educate, inspire and lift creative spirits within. Founded in September 2011 by 20-year-old design student and artist, Christian Andersen, The Creative Future Project is still solely run and operated by him today. With quality, artistry and craftsmanship in mind, Creative Future is not another art and design magazine, but instead curation of creative ideas that comprises an extensive array of artistic disciplines within creative realm.

Aimed at embracing and highlighting the artistic processes, approaches and ideas of some of todays most established artists and creative individuals, Creative Future seeks to bypass the traditional publishing channels and provide an artistic platform where artists can express intimate, personal and creative ideas with complete freedom of expression and free editorial say. Bound by a close do-it-yourself approach, Creative Future is completely independent and self-supporting, meaning that every project is developed and finalised with complete control over all aspects of the creative process, including design, creative direction, production, publishing and distribution.

Looking to create a unique publication that is not only a curation of creative, inspiring and educating ideas, but also an original piece of art itself, each edition of Creative Future is released in very limited numbers, allowing more creative freedom throughout the creative process to experiment with the physical aspects of publication and keep the unique hands-on-approach alive and visible from start to finish. Aiming for nothing but excellence in production and often followed by a specially curated product, item or artwork, each issue is uniquely hand-packaged, signed and numbered, making each copy a collectible, yet functional piece of art.

What started as an independent and specialised publication has now grown into several collaborative art projects and new creative endeavours, proving that progression and development has been vital to the recent success and accomplishments of Creative Future. With four issues released thus far, the worldwide network of artists and designers, as well as contributors, friends and loyal supporters still remain as the key to why Creative Future is able to explore new paths within the creative sphere and continue to be a source for groundbreaking art, design and creative knowledge from some of todays leading artists and designers.

Selected Press & Appearances
Since the beginning of Creative Future, we have had the great honor of being interviewed and featured by various art and design websites and magazines around the world. To see the entire list of our selected press, including interviews, features and appearances, please click the following link. [Click to view]

Friends & Family
Our worldwide family of artists, friends, contributors and loyal supporters is really what keeps this exciting project running. To view the full list of the people who have played a significant and vital role in the growth and development of Creative Future, please click the following link. [Click to view]

Official Stockists of Creative Future
Creative Future is currently available at a very small and selected range of retailers worldwide. Seeking to bypass traditional publishing channels, we strive to keep our distribution limited and highly selective. Click the link to view the list of retailers who currently carries Creative Future. [Click to view]

Returns, exchanges & shipping info
Good costumer support and service is important to Creative Future. If you experience any problems with your order, we are more than happy to issue you a full refund. Before you contact us, please take some time you read our terms of conditions, shipping information and return policy. [Click to view]