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Striving to engage and push new boundaries within the multidisciplinary parameters and practices of art and design, Creative Future is an ongoing art project that seeks to educate, inspire and lift the creative spirits within. Founded in September 2011 by the twenty-year-old student and artist, Christian Andersen, the project is still solely run by him today. Aimed at embracing and highlighting the artistic processes, approaches and ideas of some of todays most established artists and creative individuals, the core of Creative Future is to bypass the traditional publishing channels and give each artist free editorial say, 100% creative control and a unique artistic platform to express intimate and personal ideas. With craftsmanship, artistry and quality in mind, Creative Future is not another art and design magazine, but instead curation of creative ideas that comprises an extensive array of artistic areas within the broader field of art.

Projects & Collaborations
Striving to push new boundaries and seek away from the expected, ‘Projects’ will function as a collaborative segment of Creative Future, made for unique and independent art projects executed outside the original Creative Future publication. Seeing this as a natural expansion that follows the artistic philosophy behind Creative Future, projects created… [Read More]

The Sketchbook Project
The Sketchbook Project is a new collaborative art project, coming to Creative Future this year. Every creative idea starts with a blank piece of paper and the sketchbook is often seen as being an essential and vital element in any artist’s creative process. Striving to encourage this internal journey of creative ideas, we invite talented and established artists… [Read More]

Creative Future Issue #04
After eight months of hard work and lots of great and creative experiences, the fourth issue of The Creative Future Project has finally come together. Since June last year we have been busy creating what we believe is our most profound issue yet, and we are confident enough to say that this issue meets all of our creative principles and conceptual visions. With a… [Read More]

Behind Creative Future Issue #03
Let’s paint the picture. After the release of Creative Future Issue #02, I and the loyal contributors of the project once again had to start all over from scratch and try creating a new and groundbreaking issue, featuring inspiring and talented artists from every corner of the globe. Striving to create a product that not only shared the creative knowledge of some of… [Read More]