Creative Future is relaunching in February 2015 with a new range of art projects that has been in the works over the last one and a half years.
Founded in September 2011 by 21-year-old, Christian M. Andersen, Creative Future is an ongoing art project that strives to push new boundaries within the multidisciplinary parameters and practices of art, design and independent publishing. Aimed at embracing the comprehensive knowledge and artistic processes of some of today’s most talented creative individuals in a personal, different and honest way, Creative Future works with a long list of established artists and designers on projects within a wide array of artistic disciplines. Driven by curiosity and an interest in print, art and independent publishing, Creative Future is currently run solely by its founder, Christian M. Andersen, who has been acting as a designer, editor, creative director and everything in between since he officially founded the project in 2011.

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